środa, 19 sierpnia 2009

Kill Yourself - Metal Compilation

Bathory - Odens Ride Over Nordland
Satyricon - Fuel For Hatred
Samael - I love the dead
Slayer - Seasons In The Abyss
Cradle of filth - A Dream Of Wolves In The Snow
Nocturnal Depression - Host
Sinister - Carnificina Scelesta
Primordial - Gods to the Godless
Calvarium Funestus - Opus Domine Satanus
Dark Funeral - Open the gates
Venom - In Nomina Satanas
Gorgoroth - Open the Gates
Cradle of filth - Darkness Our Bride
King Diamond - Two little girls
Common Grave - Il Male Di Vivere
Paradise Lost - Gothic
Cannibal Corpse - Scattered Remains, Splattered Brains
Epitmia - The Moment Of The Last Spring
Marduk - Baptism by Fire
My Dying Bride - The Bitterness And The Bereavement
Masacre - Blasfemias
Stos - Epitafium Dla Iwony
Massacra - Full of hatred
Sammath - Ravager
Napalm Death - Caught... In A Dream
Amarok - Otchlan nieskonczonej nienawisci
Masacre - Cancer
Nargaroth - I burn for you
Death - Leprosy
Lord Belial - Lamia
Blasphemy - Blasphemy
Sinister - Perennial Mourning
Witchmaster - Morbid Death
Stos - Stos
Cannibal Corpse - Butchered At Birth
Venom - In league with satan
Mayhem - Pure Fuckin' Armageddon
Slayer - Raining Blood
Morbid Angel - Chapel Of Ghouls
Satyricon - Mother North
Obituary - Slowly We Rot
Beherit - Black Mass Prayer
Beherit - Grave Desecration
King Diamond - Insanity
Burzum - Key to the gate
Bolt Thrower - What Dwells Within
Cradle of filth - The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh
Grave - Into The Grave
Dark Throne - Transylvanian hunger
Morbid Angel - Blessed Are The Sick
Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
Paradise Lost - Silent
Sepultura - Arise
Slayer - Necrophobic
Suffocation - Habitual Infamy
Cenotaph - The Pray
Baphomet - Streaks Of Blood
Burzum - Dunkelheit
Obituary - The End Complete
Samael - Blood Ritual
Blasphemy - Ritual
Satyricon - The Forest Is My Throne
Dark Throne - A blaze in the northern sky
Massemord - Smierc Ludzkości
Mayhem - Funeral Fog
Behemoth - From The Pagan Vastlands
Cenotaph - The Birth Of A New God
Dark Funeral - Satan's mayhem
Dark Funeral - Secret of the black arts
Dismal Euphony - Isgrav,Det Siste Hvilesred
Furia - Krew W Kolorze Bursztynu
Abyssic Hate - Betrayed
Dark Funeral - Hail Murder
Nargaroth - Black Metal ist Krieg
Nargaroth - Far beyond the stars
The Omen - Ave Satani
Ragnarok - In Nomine Satanas
Vital Remains - Dechristianize
Cirith Gorgor - Firestorm apocalypse
Mayhem - The Freezing Moon
Iperyt - Particular Hatred
Ondskapt - The Fires Of Hell
Iperyt - Totalitarian Love Pulse
Inhuman Hate - Fog Of Death
Mayhem - Anti
Nocturnal Depression - IIAnthem to Self - Destruction
Obituary - Contrast the Dead
Ocultan - Infernal command
Thunderbolt - Spadnie Smiertelny Cios...
Cultes Des Ghoues - Scholomance
Furia - Ohydny jestem
Horna - Merkuriana
Azarath - Sacrifice of Blood
Beherit - Demon Advance
Beherit - Pimeyden Henki

Codex Gigas - Devil's Bible - polish lector

It's a mysterious book that in its day was believed to contain all human knowledge. But why did medieval people believe that the author sold his soul to the devil to be able to write it?
The "Devil's Bible," a behemoth volume weighing in at 165 pounds, believed to have been produced by a single monk over the course of decades in the 13th Century, is the focus of a documentary that was featured on the National Geographic Channel .

A complete Old Testament and New Testament, and a collection of a number of secular works besides, the Devil's Bible is an encyclopedia of medieval knowledge. But it has also been haunted by dark speculation, including that its writing was guided by the devil's hand.

It got its name "Devil's Bible" from the illustration of the devil on page 290 (in the photo above). It is believed to be the only bible of its era that depicts Satan. There the devil is, looking more like a cartoon character in an ermine diaper, rather than evil incarnate.

Krieg - Rise Of The Imperial Hordes (1997, USA)

01 The Arrival
02 Alarum
03 The Great Black Death
04 As Humanity Fades
05 My Sweeping Soul (Pt 2)
06 Coronation
07 End of Time
08 Calamity from the Skies
09 reunion of the Ancients
10 path of Soth
11 The Ascension
12 Enlightened Ones (Havohej cover)


Ancient Wisdom - The Calling (1997, Sweden)

1.The Awakening of The Ancient Serpent
2. The Calling of Nocturnal Demons
3. As The Twelve Legions Legions of Angels Died
4. In The Profane Domain of The Frostbeast
5. Spiritual Forces of Evil In The Heavenly Realms
6. And To The Depths They Descended
7. At The Stone of Ancient Wisdom
8. Of Darkness Into Eternity
9. Through The Mist of Dusk They Arose And Clad The Sky With Fire