piątek, 21 sierpnia 2009

Prosecutor - Krew czarnej ziemi (1992, Poland)

1. Dlaczego? 01:08
2. Dyktatura Mózgu 02:48
3. Krew Czarnej Ziemi 04:13
4. Dla Kogo Swieci Slonce ? 03:39
5. Pustynia Smierci 03:54
6. Umierac Spadajac 04:14
7. Marsz 05:48
8. Cienka Czerwona Linia 03:51
9. Embrionalna Smierc 03:52
10. Lod 04:53


Club Satan The Witches Sabbath - satanic porn

Screen - and press the zoom

'CLUB SATAN: The Witches' Sabbath' offers viewers a look inside a real Black Mass, piss, blood, fisting, fucking and Blasphemy! This is not a movie for the faint of heart, it is not for the casual viewer.
Finally, here is porn for Satanists and Metalheads, made by Satanists and Metalheads! It is an epic of Marque DeSade proportion.

CLUB SATAN: The Witches Sabbath is the real deal:
- First BLACK MASS caught on film since Anton LaVey's "Satanis" over 30 years ago.
- 5 full scenes with, not just one gal, but a handful of Satanic sluts doing the most outrageous things to please the Devil
- CUM-CHRIST Scene and pissing nuns "too-much" for the adult film makers of the world
- Producers of CLUB SATAN define "Extreme" and face life in prison for their films (extremeassociates.com)
- Church of Satan officials oversaw each and every aspect of the making of CLUB SATAN: The Witches Sabbath
- CLUB SATAN DVD includes a FREE soundtrack CD
featuring: Dark Funeral, Society1, Acheron and more.
- CLUB SATAN written by Satanic Husband and Wife team of Shane and Amy Bugbee.
- Black Metal legend's DARK FUNERAL performs live and makes their acting debut in CLUB SATAN, the band has had fans kill for them in the past!

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