sobota, 26 grudnia 2009

Cultes des Ghoules / Goat Tyrant - Conjurers of Archaic Powers (Split, 2009, Poland)



Cultes des Ghoules
1. Glorious Evilution
2. The View of an Open Grave
3. Maze of Coffins

Goat Tyrant
4. Intro
5. Descend Into Damnation
6. Peregrination Through Another Sphere
7. ...From the Void
8. Outbreak of Pandemonic Revenge

Anti - Resurrection Of The Beast

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  1. excuse around not riposte in time she walked at the hospital around intoxicacion I think that drinking too as much which him when indent no more it used to be blood , first of all thanks by the Split

    When I listened this split (Cultes des Ghoules and Goat Tyrant)I remembered to Beherit and Mayhem in as much as in order to handle at styles of distorcion of guitar and her ambient sounds is similar.This in my personal review and opinion is a exemple in European Occult Black Metal Music Scene. Together bands also is a good example to Polish Black Metal scene.
    hereinafter of the onrush of Black Metal at Norway other shape of recognize the complete works instructors you're the sound created by as of the Baltico until the nations Slavic giving one, only sound downright being highly get inside in the very liberal which is the Black Metal. A perfect guitarr sounds and ambient mixed in prder to sounds with voices does a slowly armony into playing Black Metal (Cultes de Ghoeles is not monothone because in guitarr palying time is change slow time a fast tempo in another words is Ambient in begginer or fast later is good in this ambient Black metal style in mixed sound seems to Dark Ambient.)While Goat Tyrant is more Death/Black mixed or adde with Black/Thrash, For exemple in track number 4 their prelude is sound made with acoustic guitarr and make a change in distortion guitarr in efeect (at intervals of gang when they touch only they confer offered along the lines his sound and at the they works all together the sound you're connected and congruous)Is a great sounds since polish metal scene. to me this split is good I recommneded to whom it like the other trades of styles , Ambient admixtures of drums and herein voices , plenty recommendable

    Thanks pele666 for visit my blog and you´ve said me this great Spli, I like this my congrulation for good likes and Black Metal Styles.

    Greeting since ifs Caen France

  2. witam! my się chyba znamy heheh...z tej strony V. /dawniej seth/ z gniewa - jakbyś chciał się odezwać to pisz na maila kt. jest podany na stronie myspace...